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How to get a Egyptian Passport


Guidelines for Acquiring a Egypt Passport

Passport requirements

Whether you are travelling for work, study, visiting family or friends, or just a holiday, before you can enter another country, you will need a valid Egyptian passport, that is in date. This article sets out how you can apply for your first passport, or how to get it renewed if it has expired, or is about to expire.

The cost of issuing or renewing a passport is varies between EGP400-450, and you will also need to pay your obligatory insurance fee of EGP 420.

The process is very simple. You will need to apply to the passport office closest to where you live, by filling in ‘Form 29’. You will then need a few documents, including: · Completed ‘Form 29’ – which can be accessed here:

  • Two recent photos with white backgrounds
  • For over 16s: Your national ID card, which must be valid
  • For under 16s - Your birth certificate
  • For students - Academic registration certificates or enrolment letter
  • For males - conscription documents for those aged over 19, and born after 1941.

Once you have these, go to the passport office, and hand over the documents, completed forms, and photos. Then you will be asked to pay the fee, and will be given a receipt. You will then receive your passport after three working days.

Don’t forget that, even with a passport, many countries require specific visas before you can travel to them. The WAKA Well website has plenty of information on the visa application process for some of the most popular travel destinations.