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Putting the ‘smart’ in smartphone

Putting the ‘smart’ in smartphone

The enthusiasm shown by young people of my generation in the IT sector shows great hope for the country.

Growing up as a child, I always had the passion and dream to become a smartphone technician. I was amused that there was always an advancement of technology. I knew this was a field I would love to dive into.

When I completed my high school certificate, I took the initiative to search for opportunities. It was then that I came across an advert on Facebook about Khamsys Technologies Institute. After going through the application criteria, I decided to apply for a course on smartphone repair and was accepted.

At Khamsys, the training were divided into two sections. There was the skills aspect, then knowledge aspect. My favorite moments were having to do practical work. This is because I got to apply all the theoretical things I learned. The school has so many advanced tools which made the course interesting and effective. During the training, we started with simple phones and then moved to smartphones because they are common in this generation. At the end of the course period, we were able to do a lot of repairs on our own. The knowledge I gained from Khamsys will enable me to establish my own enterprise. My dream is to supply people with trustworthy and reliable cellphone repair services.

Upon completion of the course, one can have paid employment ranging from GMD 5,000 to GMD 10,000 (approximately USD 100 to USD 200). If you have your own workshop, the least you may earn is GMD 3,000 (approximately USD 60) on a daily basis. There are a lot of employment opportunities in this field. One can be employed at a mobile repair shop as a technician or have a job at a computer sales store because they’re inter-related. People can also have their own store wherein they can sell mobile phones and other gadgets. Through this, you make a living.

The information technology sector is one that people should feel excited about because it is part of our day-to-day activities. The enthusiasm shown by young people of my generation in the IT sector shows great hope for the country.

Acquiring skills is very important. When one acquires a skill, it sticks with you forever. Wherever you travel in the world, you can always use the acquired skill to earn yourself employment. Skilled work makes it easier for one to be able to earn a living and sustain themselves and their families. I would advise young people who wish to venture into this field to take advantage of it and make the best use of it.