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How to Get a Sierra Leonean Passport

When applying for an ordinary (regular) passport for Sierra Leonean nationals, there are certain supporting documents required.

Guidelines for Acquiring A Sierra Leonean Passport

Required documents

Sierra Leone Immigration Department

The Sierra Leone Immigration Department (SLID) is the government department with responsibility for regulating immigration into Sierra Leone as well issue passports and other travelling documents to Sierra Leoneans. 

  • Completed application form A

  • Three passport-sized photographs (white background)

  • birth certificate

  • National Identity card

  • marriage certificate if relevant.

NB: These documents are issued only to people who can show that they are Sierra Leonean citizens either by birth, descent or naturalization.

These make up the majority of documents issued by the department and can be issued to any Sierra Leonean that applies for it and provides the required documentary evidence such as a birth certificate. Every Sierra Leonean is entitled to an ordinary passport which they can use both as an identity document as well as for travel to other parts of the world.

Steps for passport application

  • Purchase a passport application form 

  • Complete the passport application form correctly and submits along with the relevant documentary evidence and this depends on whether you are making a first-time application or applying to renew a passport (hyperlink to the documentary evidence required for firs-time and renewal application).

  • On receipt of the application at the Immigration Department, nationality/citizenship determination will be made on it and a decision made as to whether or not the applicant should be invited to interview. Where there is no need for an interview, the applicant will be invited to make payment and to have their biometric (fingerprints) captured. Where an interview is required, the applicant will be invited to an interview and only after a decision has been made after the interview, the applicant will then be further invited to make payment and have their biometric (fingerprints) captured.

  • Passport printed and sent to the Passport Office where it can be collected by the applicant.

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